Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ashley biden video

It was a setup.

The video purporting to show Vice President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was preplanned by a man trying to get rich selling the tape, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The man, who is apparently a friend of Ashley's, even bought the cocaine and the hidden camera, our investigation has uncovered.

The Vice President has been one of this country's leading warriors in the fight against drugs and helped create the Drug Czar post. But scandal exploded around him in the past few days when RadarOnline.com uncovered that a man was hawking a tape that shows a cocaine-snorting woman who looks identical to Biden's 27-year-old daughter. The seller represented that the woman is Ashley Biden and hired a Washington, D.C. law firm to help him sell the tape.

Biden has not commented and his daughter has been unreachable.

RadarOnline.com viewed the tape but did not offer to purchase it. The man who made the tape shopped it to several media outlets but did not receive any written offers, we've learned.

Now, RadarOnline.com has discovered that the woman who is alleged to be Ashley Biden was set up in an elaborate plot by her "friend." The man bought cocaine and a hidden camera and brought the cocaine to a party.

He then made sure that he was in correct position to film her when she snorted the drugs.

The seller had planned to get the woman alleged to be Ashley on tape doing drugs for at least three weeks. The tape was shot this year.

It is clear from the tape that the woman said to be Ashley Biden does not know she is being filmed.

Ashley Biden a hot topic on Media

The name Biden has been on the lips of high-profile television and radio talkers this week, but it hasn't been about Joe.

The vice president's daughter, Ashley, has been the center of attention ever since the New York Post published a weekend article claiming "an anonymous male acquaintance" began shopping a videotape he claims shows the 27-year-old Biden taking drugs at a recent party in Delaware.

According to The Post, the video was first offered for $2 million, but that figure was reduced to $400,000. Radar Online has since reported the video was being offered for $250,000. Neither outlet was willing to pay for the tape.

Thomas Dunlap, an attorney who had been representing the owner of the video, showed the tape to the Post. Dunlap is no longer representing the man who shot the footage, the Post reported. Dunlap did not return calls from The News Journal.

The video has not been publicly released, and the Post carefully reported that the woman in the 90 seconds of video "appears to resemble" Ms. Biden, but doesn't confirm it is the vice president's daughter, who works for the Delaware's Department of Children, Youth and Families. Ashley is the youngest child of the vice president, and the only child Joe had with Jill Biden, his second wife.

There are conflicting reports about the content of the video from the Post and Radar Online, the only two outlets that have reported on the videotape after staff viewed it.

The Post reported that the video camera "appears not to be concealed." Radar Online, however, has written that the footage was shot with a hidden camera. The Post also reported a "red straw" is used in the video to snort cocaine. Radar Online, a gossip Web site, reported a "rolled-up dollar bill" was used.

april fools pranks

Computer worm is no April Fool's joke

Cyber security experts are warning that a new variation of Conficker, a fast-spreading computer worm also known as Downadup, could attack millions of computers on Wednesday -- April Fool's Day.

Personal computers and laptops already infected with Conficker could automatically be linked to the servers operated by the hackers.

Esteban O. Farao, a consultant with Enterprise Risk Management, a Miami security consulting company, said the worm is not destroying files or stealing data, but it has the capability to do so.

"The main concern about this worm is that it is capable of downloading additional code from the hacker's Web site or through a peer-to-peer connection," Farao said. "Consequently it can bring more functionalities or receive instructions."

Experts say it's unknown whether the worm will cause havoc or merely turn out to be an April's Fool prank. But people can protect their computers by using security software.

Howard Schmidt, a former White House cyber security adviser, said computer users need to download an application of Microsoft software to detect and disable the worm.

Experts also advise keeping your security applications and operating systems updated.

"The most interesting thing about this worm is that every time someone finds out a way to get rid of the worm, it reinvents itself with more rigor and better technology," Schmidt said.

Authorities have not identified the culprits behind the worm or their intentions. Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward to bring the Conficker creator to justice.

The Conficker worm, which has infected 10 million computers outside the United States, is a program that exploits weaknesses in Microsoft's Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

The worm surfaced last November in computers on weak networks such as those in coffee shops, airport or offices. The second variation can spread via shared networks, including removable drives such as USB devices.

This worm also blocks infected systems from downloading new security software or receiving updates for security software. After attacking, it connects to a server where it receives instructions to propagate and gather personal information. Conficker creates a back door in the system where the worm can download and install additional programs.

Albert Whale, owner of ABS Computer Technology Inc., a Pittsburgh company that offers computer consulting services, said experts think the hackers are making money by getting information to send spam or attack people they don't like.

"Hackers spend 24 hours a day perfecting their craft," Whale said. "People don't even spend an hour a week securing their computers."

Staff researcher Barbara Hijek contributed to this report.

Last minute April Fool's pranks

If you’ve yet to come up with an April Fool’s prank or find yourself needing revenge on April 1st , below is a list of easy pranks you can pull off at the last minute. Keep in mind the April Fool’s Rules and let loose with the fun.
  • Sure shot. All you need is a rubber band and a kitchen faucet with a spray hose. With the faucet off, wrap the rubber band around the handle to keep it in the on position. Wait for someone to turn the faucet on. Keep a towel handy.
  • Inactive mouse. Unplug the mouse from the computer. See how long it takes for the computer genius in your house to troubleshoot. This works if you don’t live in my house where the mouse is frequently unplugged by busy little hands.
  • Ewwwthpaste. Stick a raisin (or other edible ugly object) into the toothpaste tube. When squeezed it looks like a bug…or something worse. Listen for the exclamations of pure gross-out. This one is especially effective of moms and big sisters.
  • Color enrichment. Add some food coloring to the milk jug. Explain to your kids that a recent scientific study found that colored milk contains more vitamins A(pril) and F(ool’s) than white milk.
  • Big foot. Stuff crumpled newspaper into the toe of someone’s shoes. A good one to play on dad. Apparently, it’s not just his gut that’s growing.
  • Wrap seat. Stretch plastic wrap over the toilet seat. Make it as smooth as possible so it’s invisible. Word of warning: a mess is inevitable with this one.
  • Flipped out. Carefully turn the dresser drawers upside down and slide them back into place. This one takes teamwork.
  • Correction, please. Another one for the computer geek. Use the auto correct feature in Microsoft word to set up someone’s computer to automatically replace a commonly typed word like ‘the’ with ‘April Fool’s!’
  • Sleeping fools. If you’ve got little ones try this: after they’ve fallen asleep carefully move them into each others’ beds. They’ll wake up to an April Fool’s surprise.
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Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel Expecting First Child

Talk about some powerhouse pipes.

After 13 years together, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are expecting their first baby, their rep exclusively confirms to press.

The longtime couple – who met on the 1996 Broadway production of Rent and married in January 2003 – will welcome their new arrival later this year.

Menzel hinted to Us last January that once she finished promoting her third solo album, I Stand, she would consider starting a family with Diggs.

"It's definitely in the plans," she told Us. "I'll settle down and start popping out some babies."

She said Diggs has been ready for kids since "the day I met him."

"He wouldn't talk about marriage, but he'd talk about me having his children," she told Us. "He's always wanted kids. He grew up with four younger brothers and sisters, so he's very comfortable around children."

How do they keep their marriage together?

"We just really work hard to try to stay best friends," Menzel told Us. "I love him so much, and I feel like we both have each other's backs, and we have a great respect for each other. We're enjoying each new phase of our lives together."

Diggs costars on the ABC drama Private Practice and Menzel won a Tony Award for her turn in the 2003 Broadway production of the musical Wicked.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio: Not Engaged

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are not walking down the aisle any time soon.

After stirring up wedding rumors during a Sunday afternoon bike ride, reps have confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are not engaged to be married.

As previously reported, the “Titanic” stud and his Victoria’s Secret beauty were spotted tooling around Beverly Hills on Leo’s sport bike yesterday (March 29), with Miss Refaeli exposing a gold ring on her left-hand ring finger.

"No -- he and Bar are not married and not engaged," a DiCaprio pal tells Usmagazine.com. Photos taken on Sunday in Beverly Hills show the Sports Illustrated cover model, 23, wearing a simple gold band on her ring finger.

"It was just a ring she was wearing on that finger," the friend adds.

That doesn't mean the actor, 34, never wants to wed.

"I want to get married and have children," DiCaprio told Parade magazine last October. "I absolutely believe in marriage."

The couple took a brief break last fall, but reconciled in December and have been together every since.

In a new Vanity Fair interview, Gisele Bundchen calls DiCaprio -- whom she dated for five years -- a "wonderful person."

"We still speak sometimes, and I'm friends with his mom. He still has one of my dogs," says Bundchen, who wed Tom Brady in February. "We were very young, and we grew together in a lot of ways. We were just not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I respect him enormously, and I wish him nothing but the best."

And though they’re not yet ready to tie the knot, that doesn’t mean that wedded bliss isn’t the cards. Leo previously told press, “I want to get married and have children. I absolutely believe in marriage.”

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pistachio recall

The Salmonella threat is causing the recall of Pistachios.

A Central California company is recalling about 1 million pounds of pistachios over concerns of possible salmonella contamination.

Food safety officials are looking through Setton Farms' plant in rural Tulare County to see if it could lead them to the source of the contamination.

The recalls began last Friday when the Georgia Nut Company recalled its Kraft Back to Nature Nantucket Blend trail mix after some samples tested positive for salmonella. Setton Farms has started a separate recall of roasted pistachios, and grocery operator Kroger also has recalled some pistachio products.

No illnesses have been reported.

The California Department of Public Health said Monday it was tracking nuts processed at Setton Farms, a firm whose Web site describes it as the second-largest pistachio processor in the United States.

State authorities said Setton sent its roasted pistachios to Georgia Nut. Setton Farms has initiated a separate recall of three lots of roasted pistachios tied to the positive results in the trail mix, California officials said.

Kroger said the California firm also supplied the line of pistachios it recalled because of possible salmonella contamination. Those nuts were sold in 31 states.

Setton Farms did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

Dr. David Acheson, director of food safety for the Food and Drug Administration said the contaminated pistachios are not related to a recent outbreak of salmonella tied to peanuts, reports CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes.

The one million pound recall figure could grow as the company tracks its products, Cordes reports, and it will likely extend to all manner of pistachio products.

Right now, the FDA is advising Americans not to eat pistachios but not to throw away their pistachios either. Basically, people should hold on to their pistachios until the FDA knows more about which products are affected.

In A meanwhile,The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) said today it is recalling Private Selection® Shelled Pistachios sold in its family of retail stores because the product may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Stores under the following names in the 31 states where Kroger operates are included in this recall: Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, Smith’s, Dillons, QFC, City Market, Foods Co., Jay C, Scott’s, Owen’s, Baker’s, Gerbes, Hilander and Pay Less.

Food 4 Less stores the company operates did not receive any of the pistachios being recalled.

No illnesses have been reported in connection with the product.

Item Description:

Kroger is recalling the following item:

Private Selection Shelled Pistachios sold in 10-ounce containers with a “Sell by” date of DEC-13-09 and DEC-14-09 with this UPC Code: 11110 73615.

The pistachios were sold in The Kroger Co.’s family of stores in the following states: Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Customers who have recently purchased the pistachios should not consume this product and should return it to a store for a full refund or replacement.

Salmonella is an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, particularly in young children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and/or abdominal pain. For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

Consumers who have questions about the above recall may contact Kroger toll-free at (800) 697-2448. For more information, please visit www.kroger.com/recalls.

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san jose earthquake

An earthquake registering 4.3 on the Richter scale rattled the San Jose, Calif., area Monday but no serious damage was reported, officials said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck at 10:40 a.m. PDT and was centered 16 miles east-southeast of San Jose.

David Piazza of San Jose told the San Jose Mercury News, "I just rolled across my office floor in my chair."

The quake was set off by activity on a fault that had not previously been observed, the newspaper reported. The fault runs parallel to and east of the Calaveras Fault, which is a part of the San Andreas Fault System -- a network of along California's coast.

USGS geophysicist Jack Boatwright told the Mercury News the fault had not been observed before now because it had been dormant.

Here is the USGS data on the San Jose Earthquakes today hitting the Bay Area March 30, 2009. The San Jose Earthquakes have rocked the Salinas Valley and even downtown San Jose.

At 10:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time on March 30, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 4.5 occurred 45 miles/72 Km northeast of Monterey, California. The magnitude and location are such that a tsunami WILL NOT be generated. This will be the only WCATWC message issued for this event. The location and magnitude are based on preliminary information. Further information will be issued by the United States Geological Survey or the appropriate regional seismic network.
Magnitude: 4.3 - regional moment magnitude (Mw)

Time: Monday, March 30, 2009 at 10:40:29 AM (PDT)
Distance from: Morgan Hill, CA - 18 km (11 miles) N (7 degrees)
Seven Trees, CA - 19 km (12 miles) E (91 degrees)
Alum Rock, CA - 20 km (13 miles) ESE (117 degrees)
San Jose City Hall, CA - 25 km (16 miles) ESE (104 degrees)

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

tiger woods bay hill

As Only He Can, Woods Seals Another Comeback
Like some inexorable force, Tiger Woods returned to his spot atop the golf world Sunday, erasing Sean O’Hair’s five-stroke lead with three holes to play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational and securing the victory with yet another dramatic birdie putt at the final hole.

Just as he did a year ago, and as he did in 2001 in his second of six victories in this tournament, Woods delivered the stunning coup de grâce with a flourish on Bay Hill’s 18th green. The putt was an uphill 15-footer, and it never wavered, falling into the middle of the hole for a round of 67 and a five-under-par 275 total, one stroke better than O’Hair, who shot 73.

There was no cap thrown to the ground in exultation this time. Just a quick two-step to his left as the ball moved toward the hole, and trademark fist-pump, like a hard right hook to the jaw. He embraced his caddie, Steve Williams, and flashed a megawatt victory grin for the first time in a long time.

“It feels good, it feels really good,” said Woods, whose last victory was nine months and one major knee operation ago. “It feels good to be back in contention again, to feel the rush and have to deal with everything coming down the stretch.

“It’s been awhile. But God, it felt good.”

It felt like a punch to the stomach for O’Hair, who struggled with his driver most of the day, hitting just 6 of 14 fairways. But even bereft of his ball-striking, which had carried him to the five-stroke lead after three rounds, he hung in until the end.

He tied for the lead with a par to Woods’s bogey at the 17th and his 7-iron shot into the final hole set him up for a 38-foot putt for birdie, which he missed.

“The last three days I hit the ball fantastic,” O’Hair said. “I think that’s kind of the outcome of today was the ball-striking wasn’t there. From the first hole I was struggling hitting fairways. If you’re in the rough all day, you’re going to struggle to hit greens. I just didn’t give myself enough birdie opportunities.”

The drama that played out at the Bay Hill Club & Lodge on Sunday was like something from two dreams — a sweet one for Woods and a nightmare for O’Hair. The two had joked on the putting green before the round, laughing about Woods’s two workouts before their tee time when Woods said, “I don’t sleep.”

O’Hair responded that sleeping was something he did best, “except last night when I was thinking about playing you today.”

It did not take Woods long to get serious. He quickly established that five strokes was not insurmountable and that he was going for the jugular early. He birdied the second hole to close the gap to four strokes. And he birdied the third, hitting his wedge to 6 feet before making the putt. That, combined with O’Hair’s bogey after a mediocre pitch from 25 yards right of the green went 12 feet past the hole and he missed the par putt.

In just three holes, O’Hair’s five-stroke lead was down to two. He was in Woods’s world now, in the caldron where throngs of people were screaming Woods’s name and shouts of, “He’s baaaack!” were raining down on the golf course. The crowd was getting just what they had come to see — a Tiger Woods charge, and a tight race to the finish.

When your ball-striking has gone on leave, that is not a pleasant place to be. O’Hair bogeyed the seventh hole with a three-putt from 25 feet, and his lead was down to one. But he kept coming, birdieing the ninth to restore the temporary two-stroke cushion.

Cutting O’Hair’s lead to two at the turn had been Woods’s goal from the start of the round. It was exactly the position he had been in last year when he came back to win.

And when it came time to close it out, he got into the mind-set he needed, the one he had missed for nine months while rehabbing his knee and watching golf on TV.
source:NY Times

Tiger returns to winning at Bay Hill

The clutch shots. The late charge. An electric birdie putt on the 18th hole at Bay Hill.

Yep, Tiger Woods is back.

With those familiar back-nine heroics and a putt most everyone knew he was going to make, Woods holed a 15-footer for birdie to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational for his first victory since returning from knee surgery.

Woods closed with a 3-under 67 for a one-shot victory over hard-luck Sean O'Hair, matching his largest comeback on the PGA Tour.

"It feels good to be back in contention, to feel the rush," Woods said. "It's been awhile, but God, it felt good."

Just like last year, when Woods made a 25-foot birdie on the final hole at Bay Hill for a one-shot victory, he delivered a high-charged celebration. Instead of slamming his cap to the ground, he turned and ran into the arms of his caddie, who lifted him off his feet.

Then came the meeting with the tournament host.

"What was it I told you last year?" Palmer said with a wide grin.

Palmer has seen enough of Woods to know what to expect. Woods won at Bay Hill for the sixth time, the fourth PGA Tour event he has won at least that often.

This one was special.

Woods had not been atop the leaderboard since he won the U.S. Open in a 19-hole playoff last June. He had reconstructive surgery on his left knee a week later, and missed the next eight months.

With two indifferent results at World Golf Championships, there were questions whether he would be ready for the Masters in two weeks. Not anymore. He rallied from a five-shot deficit and delivered one crucial shot after another in fading sunlight.

It was the third time Woods has won at Bay Hill with a birdie on the 72nd hole.

O'Hair made only one birdie and closed with a 73, but he steadied himself along the back nine until a crucial mistake on the 16th hole, when he went at the flag with Woods in the rough. His 7-iron came up short and into the water, leading to a bogey.

"I think what happened is when the sun was going down a little bit, I guess that kind of proved to me that the ball wasn't quite going as far," O'Hair said.

He might be right, for Woods ran into the same problem a hole later. He posed over a 4-iron that he thought was flush, tongue hanging out of his mouth like Michael Jordan when he knew a shot was going in. This one plugged under the lip of the front bunker, and Woods made bogey to fall into a tie.

That set up the dramatic finish with only minutes of daylight remaining, thanks to a two-hour rain delay in the morning.

It was the second straight year that O'Hair had to watch Woods celebrate. They were in the final group a year ago when Woods made his big birdie putt to beat Bart Bryant. This one stung even more.

"It's just a little bit disappointing that I couldn't close it," O'Hair said.

Woods finished at 5-under 275 and won $1.08 million for his 66th career victory. Only once in his career has Woods failed to win a PGA Tour even in the three months leading to the Masters, but more Bay Hill magic took care of that.

Zach Johnson shot 69 and finished third.

Woods was running out of holes until he came up with two clutch putts, the kind he has made throughout his career.

The most pivotal came at the 14th, when he was one shot behind and caught yet another plugged lie under the lip of a bunker. Woods did well to blast out to just over 12 feet, while O'Hair had 15 feet for birdie. Make it, and he could go up by three.

O'Hair narrowly missed, and Woods holed his putt for par. On the next hole, Woods made a 25-foot birdie putt to tie for the lead.

There were three lead changes over the final three holes, and a predictable winner.

"It's like Stevie was saying out there," Woods said of caddie Steve Williams. "This feels like we hadn't left. You just remember how to do it. It hasn't been that long for me, but you just have that feel of what to do. And it's a matter of getting it done."

It was a struggle from the start for O'Hair.

He didn't hit a fairway until the sixth hole, and he didn't have a birdie putt inside 30 feet until the ninth hole. The game was on after a two-shot swing on the third hole, when O'Hair missed the green to the right and made bogey, and Woods made an 8-footer for his second straight birdie to close within two shots.

Woods pulled to within one shot on the par-3 seventh. Standing over the ball with a 7-iron, he backed away when he felt the wind shift ever so slightly, switched to a 6-iron and hit it to 6 feet for a birdie. O'Hair, well left of the flag, three-putted for bogey.

They were separated by one shot for most of the back nine, with momentum seemingly on Woods' side, but not the lead. That didn't come until the 16th hole, and then he needed one more clutch shot to return to a familiar place.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson: Smoking Sweeties

Looking ever the happy celebrity couple, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson puffed away on their cigarettes as they left Cicconi’s in West Hollywood on last Saturday,28 March 2009.

During the whole day, the “Mean Girls” starlet also found time to fit in a little shopping, as she dropped by the local Maxfields during a solo outing.

It seems that Miss Lohan gave former “Just My Luck” co-star Chris Pine tips on dealing with stardom ahead of the release of the new “Star Trek” movie, in which he plays Captain Kirk.

“It’s like being with The Beatles. It’s mind boggling. You hear the whispers, then the whispers become gaggles of people, then the gaggles of people becomes masses of people, and they bring the paparazzi and then everything becomes crazy. If Lindsay was drinking water, people would say: ‘Why is she drinking water?’. But she said to me: ‘Anyone in my position has asked for the attention’. And I think that’s true, but I can’t imagine that kind of fame." Said Pine to the press.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

john james “j.j.” paulsen jail for 26 years

A television comedy writer and producer for shows including "Cosby" and "In Living Color" has been sentenced in Indiana to 26 years in prison in the beating death of his wife.
John James “JJ” Paulsen, a former writer, has been sentenced to 26 years in prison. Paulsen was convicted on reduced charges after a plea deal. Paulsen was charged for voluntary manslaughter, neglect of a dependent and moving a body from the scene of death.

The cause of the charges was the death of Leanne Paulsen in April 2007. Paulsen’s wife was found dead and partly mummified in the attic of their home in Carmel. Paulsen’s infant son, 16 months old, was left alone at home. Leanne Paulsen, a Carmel High School homecoming queen, died because of head trauma, which gave her internal bleeding in her brain.

Leanne Paulsen, 39, died from trauma that led to internal bleeding in her brain, an injury that left no telltale blood at the scene of her death. And by the time authorities found the former Carmel High School homecoming queen, she had been partially mummified after weeks in the attic.

Paulsen was arrested and has been in the Hamilton County Jail ever since. But without a confession, witnesses or a weapon, prosecutors said a plea bargain made sense.

John James “JJ” Paulsen used to write for hugely successful TV shows like “Cosby and “In Living Color”. He was no longer working when his family was relocated to Carmel, from New York.

Leanne’s mother, Suzanne Otis, today testified J.J. Paulsen battered Leanne Paulsen in the year and a half leading up to her death, sometimes leaving her bloody and once breaking her nose. Paulsen had been convicted of domestic battery in 2007 for an attack on his wife. “I will never see Leanne do marvelous things anymore, and I will never be able to hug her and tell her I love her,” Otis said.

Otis urged Judge Dan Pfleging to sentence Paulsen to the maximum sentence. “Leanne did not deserve to die as she did, and the man who killed her does not deserve leniency,” Otis said.

Rachel Sweet, who worked as a writer with J.J. Paulsen on several TV shows and dated him for years, said he was never physically abusive in their relationship and the two “laughed a lot together.”

Sweet said the two lived together in the late 1980s and early 1990s and she still often talked on the phone to Paulsen, even in the weeks leading up to his wife’s death. Sweet said she never met or spoke to Leanne, but J.J. Paulsen often complained to her about his wife.

In April and March 2007, Sweet said J.J. Paulsen seemed “distraught and disoriented.”

The Paulsens moved to Carmel in 2004 from New York after falling on hard times financially, prosecutors said. J.J. Paulsen was no longer working as a writer, their home was in foreclosure and creditors were calling to collect overdue bill payments, police said. Evidence suggesting both Paulsens were heavy drinkers, police said.

Family services officials visited the home in 2006-07 to investigate both the battery case and the drinking. They still were keeping tabs on J.J. Paulsen and visiting the home in the weeks leading up to Leanne’s death. Dec. 23, J.J. Paulsen accepted a plea bargain offered by Hamilton County prosecutors that charged him with voluntary manslaughter indicating the death might have occurred in the heat of anger and was not premeditated. As part of that deal, Paulsen also was charged with neglect of a dependent and moving a body from the scene of death.

Judge Dan Pfleging sentenced Paulsen to the maximum allowed under all three charges, which totals 26 years.

He also cannot write, produce or direct, or collaborate with anyone in those activities, to profit from his wife’s death.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

kim kardashian cellulite pictures

Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures in complex magazine are casuing quite the stir on the Internet. The crazy thing is that Kim Kardashian does seem to care. The Kim Kardashian cellulilte pictures so shows that she is a real woman and that people need to back off.

Kim Kardashian's cellulite pictures are causing quite a stir. The one on the right has obviously been retouched. With the right kind of diet and exercise plan she wouldn't need photoshop as a friend. Cellulite will come off easily with the Strip That Fat diet plan. Other's will work as well.

I would say almost all women have some form of cellulite so its about time someone says so what. The Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures are definatley not the first pictures to pop up like this for celebrities. This happens almost on a daily basis these days. People need to learn to back off and show a little respect.

The Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures will wear off after a few days and life can go back to normal for her. Its to bad people make such a big deal about this. It will have a way of working it self out. Just try to forget about the Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures and move on.

Kim Kardashian Responds

Kim Kardashian has responded, and has taken the opportunity to affirm a positive self image. Kim Kardashian took to her blog to respond in an entry entitled, “Yes, I am Complex

So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t!?

How many people do you think are photoshopped? It happens all the time!

At the same time as this Complex shoot, I was gearing up for my fitness DVD and you should see my thighs now!!! Haha!

She goes on to say the Kim Kardashian Complex Magazine photo ‘controversy’ causes her to feel more motivated than ever to continue her fitness routine and that she is glad people had a chance to see that ‘because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn’t mean I’m perfect.’Kim Kardashian even posts several more photos from the photo shoot that are also not Photoshopped.

Monday, March 23, 2009

alex rodriguez hookers??

Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has been accused of extramarital dalliances with Madonna, and is now facing accusations of trysts with hookers!

Former Manhattan madam Kristin Davis -- who set up Love Guv Eliott Spitzer with escort Ashley Dupré -- has reportedly not only done the same for Rodriguez, but has actually dated the baseball star herself! We're hooked!

Reports claim that Alex engaged in some Yankee-panky with Davis after he gave her flowers, jewelry and sent flirty e-mails -- all while he was married!

Rodriguez's ex-wife Cynthia filed for divorce last year. It's unknown what the status of his relationship with Madonna is -- she's been linked with Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

Alex Rodriguez Dated New York Hookers and Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis

Bombshell! A-Rod dated high-priced call girls and had affair with infamous Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

fedex plane crash

A FedEx cargo plane crashed early Monday morning amid heavy winds at Tokyo's international airport and burst into flames. The pilot and copilot were taken to a hospital, and a local TV station reported they were both confirmed dead.

The MD-11 aircraft, Flight 80, from Guangzhou China crashed onto a runway at Narita Airport and was immediately swarmed by firefighters and rescuers. The pilot and copilot-the only people onboard the flight-were extracted from the cockpit and brought to a local hospital, according to airport spokeswoman Misuho Fukuda.

Video footage aired by NHK showed the plane touching down on its rear wheels and its nose hitting as if slammed onto the runway.

The plane bounced and its left wing hit the ground, bursting into flames. The plane then flopped over and veered off the runway with flames exploding from the center of the fuselage.

The two crew members were rescued from the plane at around 8 a.m. and taken to the Japanese Red Cross hospital, according to the police. Both were U.S. citizens, one in his 50s and the other in his 40s, local fire department officials said.

Firefighters said they extinguished the fire shortly after 9 a.m.

A local observatory said winds of up to about 72 kilometers per hour were blowing near the airport at the time of the accident.

The observatory said it had notified airline companies and related entities of the possibility of the occurrence of wind shear—a condition in which wind speed and direction suddenly change—after the weather became rough on Sunday evening.

The cargo plane touched down on Runway A, the longer of the airport’s two runways. The airport’s main runway is currently closed, according to the airport office.

Strong winds and turbulence have caused other recent incidents at the airport. Last month a flight from the Philippines was jolted by severe turbulence as it circled prior to landing, injuring 50 passengers and crew members.

Narita Airport is a major international hub located about 35 miles (60 kilometers) east of central Tokyo. It is Japan's second-busiest airport, after Haneda Airport, which is also in Tokyo.

Video from the landing showed the plane bouncing at least twice on the runway before bursting into flames. The fire destroyed the aircraft.

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO In a gruesome scene capture on shocking video, a FedEx cargo plane ran off a runway and burst into flames on Monday morning. According to reports on CNN and Fox News, the accide...
SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO In a gruesome scene capture on shocking video, a FedEx cargo plane ran off a runway and burst into flames on Monday morning. According to reports on CNN and Fox News, the accide...
SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO In a gruesome scene capture on shocking video, a FedEx cargo plane ran off a runway and burst into flames on Monday morning. According to reports on CNN and Fox News, the accide...
SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO In a gruesome scene capture on shocking video, a FedEx cargo plane ran off a runway and burst into flames on Monday morning. According to reports on CNN and Fox News, the accide...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

natasha richardson die at 45

Natasha Richardson has succumbed to her injuries.

Tony-Award winning actress Natasha Richardson died at a Manhattan hospital Wednesday night after her "shocked and devastated family" took her off life support.She was 45.

The Tony award-winning actress' heartbroken family gathered at her bedside in a private room at Lenox Hill Hospital to say farewell - some 48 hours after the actress fell while skiing in Canada.

“A small private funeral” is planned, according to friends who spoke earlier to E! News on behalf of the bereaved family.

The wife of Liam Neeson and daughter of Oscar winners Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson was hospitalized Monday in Montreal after a fall during a ski lesson. Richardson, accompanied by Neeson, was flown Tuesday to New York and admitted to Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, where she was pronounced brain dead.

"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha," Neeson's rep, Alan Nierob, said in a statement. "They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

Her 1994 marriage to Neeson, her costar in the Jodie Foster film Nell, brought another big name into her universe, which included aunt Lynn Redgrave (Gods and Monsters) and sister Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck). The couple had two sons, Micheál Richard Antonio, 13, and Daniel Jack, 12. Neeson credited Richardson with helping nurse him back to health following his own devastating accident, on a motorcycle, in 2000.

Born May 11, 1963, Richardson entered the world the same year her father, the filmmaker and theater director, made Tom Jones. The Albert Finney comedy ended up winning the elder Richardson Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture.

"My father used to bounce me on his knee when I was 3 going, 'Movies, movies, movies,' " Richardson remembered in 1998.

Tony Richardson died in 1991.

When Richardson was 14, mother Vanessa Redgrave won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Julia.

When Richardson followed her parents into the family business, she knew full well how the world would judge her. "It's a huge help to be the daughter of famous parents," she told the New York Times in 1988. "The doors open just out of curiosity, and after you land a job, you have the inspiration of their help, and their own work."

Early on in her career, in 1985, Richardson took on her mother, an offscreen force as much as on onscreen one for her lightning-rod politics, on her turf: the London stage.

"It was The Seagull, and she took over, and we didn't have many scenes together anyway," Richardson told the Observer.

Still, Richardson came back for more. In 2007, she played Redgrave's daughter in the mother-daughter big-screen drama Evening. This past January, she and the 72-year-old Redgrave teased New York audiences with a one-night-only, concert version of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music. The two were to said to be angling to mount a full-scale Broadway revival of the musical next year.

Though rarely a marquee name at the movies, Richardson was a first-class star on the New York stage. Aside from Cabaret, she starred on Broadway in Anna Christie, A Streetcar Named Desire and Closer, the scorched-earth relationship drama that became the 2004 film (with Julia Roberts in the role once played by Richardson).

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Martin Lawrence Dead?

Crazy reports about Martin Lawrence having died are out again. Here's the truth. There is no confirmation about Lawrence death. Big news sites are not reporting about him being dead. Even on tv there's no report about Martin Lawrence dies. So its not true. Martin Lawrence death is a hoax!

There are rumors circulating around the internet today that actor and comedian Martin Lawrence has passed away in his sleep. What apparently touched off the stories are reports of people receiving cryptic text messages broadcasting reports that Lawrence had died in his sleep. If you'll remember, similar text messages were tagged as the source of death rumors regarding Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and actor Bernie Mac. Sadly, the rumors surrounding Mac's death turned out to be slightly prescient; he was gravely ill in a hospital at the time and passed away a few days later. Let's hope that isn't the case with these stories of Lawrence's passing.

The rumors surrounding Lawrence's death may have been started by the recent news that the Big Momma's House star is joining Tracey Morgan and Chris Rock in a remake of the 2007 film "Death at a Funeral." A publicity stunt, perhaps?

Lawrence actually did have a near-death experience August 1999. The actor went into a three-day coma after collapsing from heat exhaustion while jogging in 100-degree heat while wearing several layers of heavy clothing. He did recover, although there were reports that at one point he had a body temperature of a seemingly impossible 107° and was on a respirator.

Let's hope the rumor is just that - a rumor, and hope it gets cleared up quickly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

jon and kate gosselin divorce

In case you haven't head of Jon and Kate Gosselin, they're the stars of TLC's most popular "reality" show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. The couple has one set of twins and one set of sextuplets.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a reality television show produced in the United States by Figure 8 Films about the Gosselin family, consisting of parents Jon and Kate and their eight children—a set of fraternal twin girls and a set of sextuplets (three girls and three boys, all fraternal). The show follows the family through their daily lives, focusing on the challenges of raising multiple children. The show originally aired on Discovery Health, but has aired on TLC since season 3. It is consistently one of the highest rated shows on TLC.[citation needed] The family originally appeared in a one-hour special titled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.

John is the laid-back, quiet, pushover husband, while Kate is the bitchy, controlling, pain-in-the-ass wife. And that's putting it nicely.

Although the couple seem to have a "loving" relationship on the show, that might not really be the case when the cameras are off.

And now,rumors buzzing on the internet now regarding Jon And Kate divorce. Jon And Kate Gosselin who star on hit TLC’s docudrama show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which about their family life with their 8 children.

According to rumors Jon And Kate are apparently having marital problems, were Jon Gosselin is cheating on wife, Kate. Jon And Kate are parents of 8 yrs. old wins namely Cara and Mady and 4 yrs. old sextuplets namely Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 how it started:

pamela anderson wardrobe malfunction

Pamela Anderson's once again having a wardrobe malfunction.

American actress Pamela Anderson suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she joined English designer Vivienne Westwood on the ramp to take the final bow at Paris Fashion Week.

A pesky little body part just won't behave, and her unflattering togs are just not helping her to hide it.

Pamela Anderson did not seem to realise the gaffe, but quickly pulled her top back on when she discovered the accidental exposure, reported the Dailymail.co.uk.

Pam Anderson is in France where she showed off her left breast on the catwalk during Vivienne Westwood's fall-winter show. After a few turns on the runway

Anderson, who is a friend and muse of Westwood known for her outlandish design choices, had earlier walked the ramp wearing some of her creations, including a pink tulle tutu, and a coat made out of safety blankets.

She had also featured in the advertising campaign for the designer's Spring Summer 2009 collection.

The blonde actress and the orange haired designer together created a stir at the Paris Fashion Week, one of the most important events in the International Fashion industry's calendar.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sara Jane Olson's return

The Los Angeles police union Monday called on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to oppose a bid by former Symbionese Liberation Army member and fugitive Sara Jane Olson to serve her supervised parole in Minnesota, where she would be near her family.

Olson, 62, known as Kathleen Soliah during her SLA days, is expected to be released later this month from Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, where she is serving a sentence for attempting to kill two Los Angeles Police Department officers with pipe bombs in 1975.

Seven years after she went to prison for plotting to bomb police cars in Los Angeles and participating in a deadly bank robbery, onetime '60s and '70s radical Sara Jane Olson is scheduled to return Tuesday to the comfortable life she once led in St. Paul.

But can she really come home again?

Olson remains one of Minnesota's more polarizing figures, as was demonstrated last week when the St. Paul police union sent a letter asking California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to require that she serve her parole there.

For others, Olson's past is now past, her sentence served for crimes committed during the Vietnam era that is fast fading into history.

"I think the community reaction will break down along the similar quasi-political lines we saw before, but it will be more subdued," said Stephen Cooper, a local lawyer who helped coordinate Olson's $1 million bail fund a decade ago.

Cooper is among those who view the Vietnam era, and the various forms of dissent that came with it, as a unique chapter in America's history.

"For many people, what happened in the '60s was not representative of where their lives went afterwards and they feel you shouldn't be held accountable by the same standards as you would in the '90s," Cooper said. "Other people didn't buy that."

Dave Titus, president of the St. Paul Police Federation, is one of them. His fellow cops will be in the awkward position of protecting someone whom many of them loathe.

"There was never a decade when it was appropriate to commit the crimes she did," said Titus, who refuses to call Olson by anything but her birth name, Soliah.

"We do not believe that the state of Minnesota has a sufficient interest in ensuring that Ms. Soliah does not violate her conditions of parole," union President Paul M. Weber said.

"The responsibility to ensure that Ms. Soliah follows each and every requirement of parole is one which should be undertaken by the state of California, not 'outsourced' to another state. Ms. Soliah should be allowed to travel to another state when she fulfills her obligations to California, and not a minute before."

Some legal experts have questioned the union's reasoning.

Shari Burt, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Corrections, said Tuesday that the state was ready to allow Olson to serve her supervised parole in Ramsey County if California authorities gave the go-ahead.

"We will do our utmost to provide the appropriate level of supervision for Sara Jane Olson," Burt said.

If her bid is approved, Olson would be one of more than 1,000 California offenders on parole supervision in other states. That, however, is a small portion of the state's total parolees. By law, the vast majority are returned to their county of last legal residence in California, barring extenuating circumstances, such as if a victim lives nearby.

The product of a middle-class Palmdale family, Olson joined the radical group SLA -- best known for kidnapping newspaper heiress Patty Hearst -- in the mid-1970s. She went into hiding after being charged with placing nail-packed explosive devices under police cars. The devices were discovered before detonation when the trigger on one malfunctioned and it failed to explode.

Known at the time as Kathleen Soliah, she changed her name to Sara Jane Olson, left California and married Dr. Gerald Peterson, an emergency-room physician. The couple lived for a while in Zimbabwe before settling in St. Paul, Minn. Olson lived the quiet life of a homemaker and mother of three daughters in a Tudor-style home in an upscale neighborhood near the Mississippi River and performed in a local theater's Shakespeare productions.

Her second life came to an abrupt end in 1999 when she was apprehended soon after being featured on TV's "America's Most Wanted" and subsequently imprisoned.

After serving six years of a 12-year term, she was released on parole last year, and corrections officials cleared a transfer to Minnesota for her.

But as she was preparing to board the plane home, she was detained by prison officials and taken to her mother's home in Palmdale. It was there that she was informed of a "computation error" in which it was discovered that she had another year to go on her prison sentence. The extra prison time meant that Olson needed to renew the parole transfer request with California and Minnesota prison officials.

Olson was among those caught up on the radical fringe, associating with the violent Symbionese Liberation Army in the mid 1970s, before taking up her new life, under a new name, in St. Paul, raising three daughters and working as an actress and political activist.

Olson's husband, Dr. Fred Peterson, wants a low-key homecoming and hopes the family's privacy will be respected.

Friday, March 13, 2009

anna nicole smith death photos

More than two years after Anna Nicole Smith died from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs, authorities have filed the first criminal charges – targeting her former attorney and boyfriend, Howard K. Stern.

Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend Howard K. Stern and two doctors were charged Thursday with giving thousands of prescription drugs to the former Playboy Playmate in the years leading up to her fatal drug overdose in 2007.

Stern and doctors Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were each charged with three felony counts of conspiracy and several other charges of fraudulent prescriptions. Prosecutors said the doctors gave the drugs - including opiates and sedatives - to Stern, who then gave them to Smith.

The prescriptions were issued between June 2004 and January 2007, just weeks before Smith's death.

The medical examiner's office has said Eroshevich, a Los Angeles psychiatrist and friend of the starlet's, authorized all the prescription medications found in the Hollywood, Fla., hotel room where the 39-year-old Smith was found unresponsive shortly before her death in Feb. 8, 2007.

Stern, 40, a fixture at Smith's side for years who once claimed to be the father of her daughter Dannielynn, has been formally charged with conspiring to furnish drugs to Smith prior to her death, prosecutors said Thursday.

He was arrested and booked by police in Whittier, Calif., with bail set for $20,000, police records show.

Also charged with felonies were two doctors, Sandeep Kapoor, 40, and Khristine Eroshevich, 61, who allegedly prescribed medication unlawfully to Smith, according to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office.

Kapoor also was arrested and booked in Whittier. A warrant was issued for Eroshevich's arrest.
The conspiracy counts allege the three defendants conspired to provide controlled substances to Smith from between June 2004 and January 2007. They also were charged with "prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict," among other charges.

Smith, the former Playboy model who starred in the reality series The Anna Nicole Show, died at age 39 in February 2007 of an accidental overdose of a combination of prescription drugs. Her death came just months after her 20-year-old son Daniel also died of a lethal combination of drugs.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

katie holmes new hair

When she arrived in Japan three days ago Katie Holmes had a sleek short haircut.

But it appears she has spent the intervening time in the salon.

By the time she joined husband Tom Cruise at the Japanese premiere of Valkyrie this morning her simple crop had been replaced by glossy long locks.

Like a good wife, Katie Holmes stepped on the red carpet with her hubby Tom Cruise for the Tokyo premiere of Valkyrie in Tokyo - but there was something different about her:
It seems that Mrs. Holmes-Cruise is suffering from a condition where her hair grows at a rapid rate!

Either I haven't been paying enough attention to her hair or she just had an unbeweavable makeover. Well, it's good that she did catch our attention with her new 'do because I was starting to forget about her

The actress' new look is a throw back to the early days of the couple's relationship, when her girl-next-door style won Tom's heart.

After their marriage the 30-year-old cut her hair short in favour of a sleeker look.

The Cruise family is hugely popular in the Far East.

The couple's arrival, with daughter Suri, caused hysterical scenes three days ago. Hundreds of screaming fans who had camped out at Tokyo's Narita International Airport to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood stars.

Katie is now coming to the end of her punishing Purification Rundown diet.

But it seems she isn’t stopping there with her commitment to Scientology.

It has emerged the actress resolves problems with Tom by making weekly written confessions, as laid out in the Scientology code.

So what do you think? Do you like her better with her short bob cut? Or do her new flowy locks float your boat? And what do you think of that outfit? For me, it looks more "mall girl" than "red carpet" to me.

bebe winans arrested

Just one day before his good friend Oprah Winfrey's domestic violence special, gospel singer BeBe Winans was booked on a domestic violence accusation for allegedly shoving his ex-wife Debra D. Winans to the ground during an argument last month

Gospel Icon BeBe Winans has been booked on domestic assault charges according to Tennessee reports !

Winans, known widely for both his solo recordings and collaborations with CeCe Winans, was arrested after allegedly pushing his ex-wife and mother of his children to the ground during an argument last month.

Court filings that were first obtained by TheSmokingGun.com indicate that the gospel balladeer had a "verbal altercation" with his ex-wife on Feb. 13 about "custody issues dealing with their children."

The pre-Valentine's Day incident took place at his ex's Nashville home, where the 46-year-old singer had driven to pick up his children.

The filing also claims: "The victim was telling the defendant of issues with the children when he became irate. The defendant then pushed the victim to the ground. The victim was in fear of bodily injury."

An official affidavit filed in February, says Winans then became irate when "the victim was telling the defendant (Winans) of issues with the children".

Winans is reportedly free on $1,000 bond after being arrested on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

Winans released six solo CDs following his success as a part of the duo BeBe & CeCe alongside his sister CeCe Winans.

The brother-sister duo has recently reunited and had been recording a comeback CD.

Winans, who had a stint on Broadway as Harpo in 'The Color Purple,' is currently a judge on the BET reality series 'Sunday Best,' which is currently taping its new season in Atlanta.

A rep for BET's 'Sunday Best' was unable to be reached for comment at press time.

devin harris girlfriend

Howard Stern introduced a new game today, “Are you dumb as a rock?” which means one of two things - Jay Leno will probably steal the idea and claim it as his own in a few weeks, or it’ll become a reality TV show on FOX next fall. One of the contestants was this beauty to your right, Meghan Allen (a slightly more revealing photo after the jump), who boasted of being the girlfriend of New Jersey Nets point guard Devin Harris.

You can imagine the instant line of questioning from Artie and Howard; it didn’t involve Harris averaging a career-high 22.8 ppg. Among her revelations: She was on Couples Fear factor in 2004; eventually got engaged to her boyfriend, and a month before the wedding, he knocked up another girl. She moved to Dallas, became a bartender (and a Cyber Playmate - NSFW), and one night, Devin Harris walked in with teammates.

Harris, then with the Mavericks, was apparently smitten, and the two became friends. Two years later, they’re dating and have met each other families (her grandparents don’t approve). If for whatever reason you remain on the fence about Megan, perhaps this video (You Tube, but still NSFW) will do the trick.

Other neat stats: She’s a 34C, and despite the relationship with Harris, she’s going to be on the show Momma’s Boys next week on NBC.

Probably the best exchange was between Artie and Meghan:
Artie: Do you live here with Devin?
Meghan: No, but I come here every week or every other week.
Artie (snicker): Do you think he’s cheating on you?
Meghan: No (you can hear her big smile), he loves me, he wouldn’t do that.
Artie (laughter): Whatever.

Megan Allan.net (Lots of NSFW material, so peruse as your own risk)

Devin Harris’ New (Nude) GF Looks Like A Keeper

Devin Harris and Jason Kidd will never be able to do anything without being compared to the other. That’s on the court, as well as off it. Remember when Kidd traded in killjoy ex-wife Joumana Kidd for bikini model Hope Dworaczyk? Harris has one-upped him, dating a girl who would be overdressed in a bikini.

The Nets PG’s arm candy is reality star, bartender and Playboy Cyber Playmate Meghan Allen. If you want to know what type of girl we’re dealing with, she’s the type who got 34C implants because “I wanted my clothing to fit better.” Let’s see how that clothing fits, or looks on the floor, after the jump.

Allen’s got quite the resume. She’s currently appearing on Momma’s Boys, the worst TV show ever created. She also appeared on Couples Fear Factor, becoming engaged to him until he knocked someone else up a month before their wedding.

Then there’s this interview on Howard Stern’s show, courtesy of THE BIG LEAD:

Artie: Do you live here with Devin?
Meghan: No, but I come here every week or every other week.
Artie (snicker): Do you think he’s cheating on you?
Meghan: No (you can hear her big smile), he loves me, he wouldn’t do that.
Artie (laughter): Whatever.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Britney Spears: Dating Jason Trawick?

Britney Spears isn't confining her comeback to the stage. The "Gimme More" purveyor is at work on her personal life, too.

E! News has learned that Spears, 27, has been secretly on dates with her longtime talent agent, Jason Trawick.

Trawick, 37, a William Morris Agency rep, recently joined Spears for the first four shows of her Circus tour, but we have learned that the two recently have grown much closer away from the workplace.

Trawick declined to comment and referred our request to Spears rep, who has given no official comment on any extracurricular relationship. Trawick's WMA assistant would only confirm that Trawick had been traveling with Spears on her Circus tour and is now back in L.A.

A Spears insider, meanwhile, insists that the singer and the agent strictly have a "close professional relationship" and that's it, calling it "ridiculous" to suggest the pair is anything close to "romantic."

But another well-placed source tells E! News that Trawick's talent agency bosses are OK with his tight bond with his client and, in fact, "They joke about it."

Trawick has been Spears' agent for about five years and also represents Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton.

Trawick was spotted with Spears and her sons on March 1 in Louisiana, riding around in a golf cart right before she began her tour. The four were wearing sweatshirts, and Trawick was holding Sean Preston while Britney drove, holding Jayden James.

In May 2008, Trawick jetted down to Costa Rica with Spears to Mel Gibson's retreat, sparking romance rumors that were never confirmed. The two were seen smiling and laughing as they boogie-boarded in the surf. Spears wore nothing more than a bikini and rode around on the back of an ATV with her arms firmly planted on Trawick's waist.

They were then photographed together May 23 at Christian Audigier's 50th birthday party at L.A.'s Petersen Automotive Museum.

Trawick has been credited with helping Spears reunite with her parents, manager Larry Rudolph, and landing her comeback role on How I Met Your Mother.

Perhaps most important, Britney's conservator approves.

Says a Spears family confidante: "Jason is one of the few people who Jamie Spears trusts."

Rocking a flowy purple dress (on a day that was apparently chilly) Britney Spears visited her manager - and rumored boyfriend - Jason Trawick.

Whether their meetings are more about pleasure than business has left fans and media filled with curiosity, pondering the following questions:

  • Are they dating or just working together?
  • If so, is this destined to be a long-term relationship or just another in her long line of flings?
  • What ever happened to Adnan?
  • Who the heck is Jason Trawick?
Of the possible romance, a source close to the family said: "Jamie Spears thinks Jason would be a great match for Britney. She's always had a thing for bad boys, but now she realizes good guys can be attractive, too."

After her "business" meeting, which may have pertained to her career "comeback," Britney Spears continued on with her uneventful but pleasant day, smiling ear to ear as she paid a visit to the local gym for a workout.

Tapout founder Charles 'Mask' Lewis dies in Ferrari crash

Charles Lewis Jr., a.k.a "Mask," founder of the Tapout brand of mixed martial arts apparel label, has died in a Newport Beach car accident, reports our L.A. Now compatriot Ari B. Bloomekatz. Mask was reportedly driving his red Ferrari around 1 a.m. when he collided with a Porsche, hit a curb and hit a light pole. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and his passenger was hospitalized with unspecified injuries. KTLA News reported that the impact of the crash broke the Ferrari into two pieces.

Police said the Porsche came to a brief stop and then sped away. The Los Angeles Times reports that the driver of the Porsche, Jeffrey David Kirby, was later apprehended and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. His bail was set at $1 million.

Although Newport Police would not release the name of the car crash victim pending notification of next of kin, press representatives of the San Bernardino County-based company confirmed Lewis had passed away on Monday evening, with the following statement:

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we must regretfully confirm the passing of our beloved friend, brother and co-founder Charles 'Mask' Lewis following a car accident that occurred last night. We are currently in the process of setting up a memorial service in his honor and will release more details as they become available.

Many thanks to all for the outpouring of blessings and well-wishing during this incredibly difficult time.

I first met the San Bernardino native and his Tapout brethren -- who go by the names SkySkrape (real name unknown) and Punkass (a.k.a. Earl Caldwell) at an MMA expo in Long Beach last August as part of my Image section cover story about the boom in MMA apparel.

I spent several hours with him after that, each time walking away impressed how much he seemed to be genuinely grateful for each fan, clasping their hands in his, mugging for photos, hoisting toddlers on his broad shoulders for snapshots.

He seemed to be afraid of disappointing them. If initial reports are correct -- that he was racing his Ferrari against a Porsche before he died Wednesday about 1 a.m. -- his passing will have done just that, shuffling off this mortal coil as flamboyantly as he strode through it.

He was always quick with an analogy. I remember something he said when I asked about the future potential of MMA brands: “If this is the Yellow Brick Road and Oz is in the distance, we’re still trying to go up the path to find the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Lion."

But even in my brief encounter with him, I could see something deeper and more meaningful behind the face paint and floppy camo hat. At one point before I left the Tapout compound in Grand Terrace last August, Lewis sat across from me in the conference room. After a question about the spiritual undertones of the sport -- the good vs. evil, the abundance of crosses and crusader imagery -- he leaned forward, flashed a wide Chesire Cat smile, and whispered almost conspiratorially. "We all want to feel like we're David taking on Goliath." For a brief instant, I had met the man behind the Mask.

It's a shame that so many MMA fans will mourn the passing of the outsized gentle giant with the drill-sergeant demeanor and and so few will have had the rare privilege to see the man beneath it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

julianne hough wardrobe malfunction

Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough are dating. Chuck Wicks is a country singer and Julianne Hough is a Dancing with the Stars dancer. The two appear together as a couple on the 2009 season of Dancing with the Stars.

However,Julianne Hough had a bit of a mishap during a rehearsal on Dancing with the Stars with boyfriend and fellow singer, Chuck Wick."Dancing with the Stars" cutie Julianne Hough endured a backstage wardrobe malfunction when her strapless dress accidentally fell down -- and tells how brother Derek got protective after her strap mishap!l.This is the second video from Julianne Hough as she competes on Dancing with the Stars with boyfriend and fellow singer, Chuck Wicks. It seems that she had a bit of a mishap during a rehearsal for last night’s (March 9) show.

Tina Davis Sent Brown a sexually explicit text message

The website, infamous for having posted a picture of a battered Rihanna, has reported that their source stated that Tina Davis, 39, is the woman behind the text. Davis has managed Chris Brown since he first debuted on the music scene. Apparently, there has always been speculation that there was a romance between the two, but it was repeatedly denied.

True or not, no one is talking. But there are talks that Brown and Rihanna are not only getting along, but looking to sing together.

Middle-aged manager Tina Davis was revealed as the alleged booty texter that Rihanna intercepted while Brown drove his rented Lamborghini.

The resulting fracas netted Rihanna a blood-filled mouth, lumps, bruises and bite marks on her body. Brown was brought into court to answer for the assault.

Harvey Levin's website TMZ reports that it was Brown’s manager, Tina Davis, old enough to be his mother, who sent Brown a sexually explicit text message on the night he allegedly punched, choked and bit his singer girlfriend.

Los Angeles Police Department documents show that Rihanna read the message and confronted her 19-year-old boyfriend, at which point Brown became enraged and attacked the singer while driving, according to an affidavit.

According to several tabloids, Davis and Brown allegedly had an affair three years ago, when Brown was 16, but she’s denied those allegations to the press.

Handlers of the wealthy pop singers Chris Brown and Rihanna are said to be working diligently behind the scenes to minimize career damage and loss of sponsorship and ad dollars from lucrative contracts for both parties.

Rihanna and Brown are back together and reportedly recording a love song together.

E! News reported that Rihanna and Brown have been collaborating on new music together recently. According to E!, the couple have been spending time in a Santa Monica studio with Polow Da Don, who has worked with the Pussycat Dolls, Usher and Fergie.

Akon, who has faced similar legal issues to Brown, added that Brown is "gonna learn and he's gonna move forward, and just hopefully he won't treat the next woman the same way."

And down in Barbados, reports have surfaced that Rihanna's family is fuming over the whole incident.

lisa renee davis missing

Lisa Renee Davis is missing. Davis is a model. Police went to her home and found blood splattered there. Davis’ personal belongings were intact but she was missing. Police said Davis may be injured.

Lisa Renee Davis worked at Bumpus Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership in Tennessee. Davis lived in Bartlett, Tenn.

Police were about to question a man at a home near Davis’ house, in Arlington, Tenn. On Tuesday, March 10, police went to the man’s home. Police were waiting outside when gunfire was heard inside. Police discovered he committed suicide. Police did not reveal his connection to the case.

Davis broke up with her fiancé. He is the Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy. He was questioned about the disappearance of Davis. He lived in another home since the breakup 2-3 weeks ago.

A note left by a man who killed himself Tuesday afternoon led police to the body of a 29-year-old model that had been missing for several days.

Lisa Renee Davis' body was found on Salem Road near Highway 385, according to Bartlett police.

Investigators said that 21-year-old Austin Agee left a note regarding the whereabouts of Davis' body before he fatally shot himself with a rifle Tuesday afternoon at his parent's Arlington home.

Bartlett police were working on a tip when they went to the home. They were met by Agee's mother and when she went to get him, they heard a gunshot.

Bartlett K9 units searched the area Sunday evening but found no evidence of Davis. Investigators removed several items from the home during a search Monday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

susanne klatten pictures

Combo shows German billionaire Susanne Klatten photographed in Munich, June 6, 2005 and Swiss Helg S. right, during his trial on Monday, March 9, 2009 in Munich. The man dubbed "the Swiss gigolo" by the German media pleaded guilty Monday to threatening to blackmail Germany's richest woman by releasing secretly recorded videotapes of their trysts unless the married heiress gave him millions of euros (dollars) to keep quiet. (AP Photos/Uwe Lein, Alexandra Beier)
Sometime in October 2008, quite a few European print media businesses (like Der Spigel etc.) reported that a blackmail plot existed against Susanne Klatten. After these reports were published, police swung into action and arrested two men who were accused of indulging in this practice.

What happened was that Klatten was blackmailed in the previous year by a swiss italian guy named Helg Sgarbi who threatened Klatten by saying that he would release the info in public if she refused to pay him millions of Euros.After having already paid quite a sum, Klatten decided she had had enough and hence contacted the German police to report this threat.

The media reports apparently have hinted that Mr. Sgarbi met with Klatten Hotel Lanserhof, a spa near Innsbruck, Austria, and from then on, couple of other places in rich hotels in Europe including Munich.

Its a classic case of a moocher trying to extract as much as he could from tha rich lady. Klatten should not have first of all gotten in this mess. Or if she wanted, she could have chosen a better person.Here are pictures of BMW heir Susanne Klatten. Susanne Klatten’s Helg Sgarbi told her sex tape videos and photos would be released of her if he wasn’t paid off. Now Helg Sgarbi has been sentenced to jail for blackmailing Klatten and others. His prison term - 6 years.

Helg Sgarbi was a reported professional gigolo who has now confessed to blackmailing Klatten and other women for millions of dollars. Susanne is a billionaire, one of Germany’s richest women as an heir to BMW.

Helg Sgarbi wanted even more money from Klatten - $60 million. Klatten said in 2008 Helg Sgarbi demanded money to not release alleged pictures and an alleged sex tape, their existence unknown.